Zombie Monkey
Red death files 2
Gender Unknown
First Appearance "Doctor of the Dead"
Last Appearance "Doctor of the Dead"
Death Episode prior to "Doctor of the Dead", possibly prior to outbreak
Cause of Death Exposure to ZN1 (original death). Out of mercy by Walter Kurian (method unknown)
Status Dead

The zombie monkey is a zombie animal in "Z Nation", first appearing in Season 1 episode 13 "Doctor of the Dead".

Background Edit

Nothing is known about the zombie monkey prior to the outbreak. However, it became a zombie by being exposed to ZN1 by Dr. Kurian, to test the effectiveness of Red Death.

It is unknown what the monkey's original species was.

Post ApocalypseEdit

The zombie monkey is seen in video at the Fort Collins, Colorado laboratory.


Killed byEdit

  • Exposure to ZN1 by Dr. Kurian (Original death)
  • Killed by Dr. Kurian (Out of Mercy), method unknown.