Will is a recurring character and survivor of the initial zombie apocalypse in Z Nation.
  Will Chaffin
Actor Aaron Trainor
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 40s
Family Hope Chaffin - Former Wife (Deceased)
Cassidy Chaffin - Daughter
First Appearance "Murphy's Miracle"
Status Alive
Series lifespan "Murphy's Miracle" to Present

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Barely anything was known about Will before the apocalypse. He has a wife Hope Chaffin and a young daughter.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

"Murphy's Miracle" Edit

Will is found by Murphy in a car together with his wife and sick child. As Murphy sees the little girl he offers to help her, by biting her. The girl then recovers and is no longer scared of the zombies. Will and his family seeks out Murphy in Spokane, WA and asks to be part of his legion. First by having Murphy bite them.

"Escorpion and the Red Hand" Edit

Will is now Murphy's right hand man at Spokane, and is part of a group of survivours living in the abandoned buildings where Murphy has set up his kingdom. He is tasked with chasing 10K after his escape with Murphys medication.

"Little Red and the WolfZ" Edit

Will hunts 10K through the woods surrounding Spokane. 10K eventually tricks Will into beliving he has been killed, so Will returns to Murphy without him.

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