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    September 24, 2016 by Phantom pixie

    Finally Zeptember and season 3 is here.

    3x01 is a flashback taking place around episode 2x06, the rest of the season will follow the original timeline. The last episodes of season 3 has actually wrapped now in september so as much as a I love the show, I would not want to be the poor guy doing editing and stuff for every episode to be ready for release until december.

    We also get some new characters. Sun and Kaya. Both seem interesting in their own way. And Murphy seem to have taken on an "Alber Wesker" vibe for this season. I am looking forward to see what they have in mind.

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  • Phantom pixie

    Season 3

    February 8, 2016 by Phantom pixie

    Will return in Spetember 2016. 

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  • Phantom pixie

    Season 2

    March 30, 2015 by Phantom pixie

    Confirmed. Season 2 of Z nation airs in September 2015. Just six months... 152 days....3648 hours.... I can wait...

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    Z Nation

    March 21, 2015 by Phantom pixie

    I might as well addmit it. I'm addicted. (And I hear the voices of people around me all saying, "You figured that out now?") 

    I live and breathe this show. Why? I'm not sure. Our collective minds know that something bad is comming, and zombies are our way to deal with it. Also, this show has presented some great characters, easy to love and interesting to follow.

    I spend way to much time analyzing Z Nation and all it brings. It makes me calm. Going over bits and pieces trying to put it all together like a puzzle.

    I can not wait until next season. I'd love to go to Spokane to just see the places they recorded in, or perhaps play stalker to some of the people involved in the show. To bad I'm afraid of flying. I'm stuck where I am.

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