The Man
Actor Joseph Gatt
Gender Male
Hair Bald
Age Mid 40s
Occupation Works for Zona
Status Unknown

"The Man" is a main character and a survivor of the initial zombie apocalypse, and the main antagonist of Season 3. He is first encountered in No Mercy.

Post ApocalypseEdit

He is a part of Zona.

Following a list, he collects people to bring to Zona. He offers no explanation as to why, but uses force when necessary.

When threatening the people at Mercy Labs, Warren steps forward and refuses to give up the person The Man wants. Instead, The Westward-bound survivor group taught the survivors at Mercy Labs how to fight back.

The Man comes equipped with his own team and eventually takes the person he is after.

As Zona hears about Murphy, he becomes The Mans next target. Infiltrating the Museum of Progress, he kills one of Murphy's men.

When unable to get to Murphy, The Man goes after Lucy. He stabs Pa Kettle and Ma Kettle in order to get away. Addy and Doc tries to stop him but fails. With every episode, The Man starts to show affection towards Lucy. The Man brings Lucy as far as Mt. Casey in order to be picked up by Zona. But Addy attacks him and they fall off a cliff, leaving his fate unknown.


Nothing is known of his background before the apocalypse.

Killed VictimsEdit



Notes Edit

  • The name he gives Murphy in Spokane is Emil Hunter, it's unknown if it's actually his real name.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I take that as a "No"..." - After being shot in the chest by a cogwheel.


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