Red ZNation
Actor Natalie Jongjaroenlarp
Age 20
Occupation Unknown
Family 10K - Love Interest
Nature Boy-Adopted brother
First Appearance No Mercy
Status Alive
Series lifespan No Mercy to Present

Red is a main character and a survivor featured in Season 3 of Z Nation. She is now a member of the Westward-bound survivor group, although she was part of a group in Mercy Labs.


Little is known about Red prior to the apocalypse. It is known that she wears red to scare of men. She had said this to 10K in season 3 episode 1. She may or may not have come into contact with Nature Boy before Day 1.


Red was part of a group residing in the abandoned buildings of Mercy Labs. She dresses only in red to keep people, especially men, at bay and is handy with a weapon. She lives with & is Nature Boy's caretaker and refers to him as her brother. As of Duel, she is with 10K and the rest of Roberta and Murphy's Group seeking Lucy.

Season 3:Edit

No Mercy:Edit

Red debuts when The Man takes Nature Boy hostage; Red confronts him. It is revealed that Red is part of a group of survivors living in the abandoned buildings of Mercy Labs. Later in the episode, Red tells 10K that she dresses only in red to keep people, especially men, at bay. At the end of the episode, she runs into a crowd of zombies. Her status is unknown until The Siege of Murphytown.

The Siege of Murphytown:Edit

10K Red

Just as 10K is being cornered by a few zombies, Red and Nature Boy show up to save him. 10K doubts she is real, due to the hallucinations he has been having of her prior to the episode. He claims, "whenever I'm in a bad spot a vision of you comes to save me." Red is flattered by this and kisses 10K to prove that she is real.

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