Kazakhstan Cop
Kazakhstan cop
Actor Joe Handelman
Gender Male
Age 50's
First Appearance "Doctor of the Dead"
Last Appearance "Doctor of the Dead"
Cause of Death Killed by Kurian
Status Dead
Ethnicity Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Cop is a character featured in "Z Nation", first encountered in Season 1 episode 13 "Doctor of the Dead".

Pre Apocalypse Edit

Dr. Walter Kurian travels around the world to gather samples for his bio-weapons. One of the trips takes him to Kazakhstan where a corrupt cop leads him into an abandoned lab. He tells Dr. Kurien that kids break in and try to steal what was left by the Russians, and eventually get infected with what was left behind.

They find a corpse on the floor in the lab. Kurien states that the boy is dead and of no use to him. The Kazakhstan Cop is eager to get paid and is not alarmed when Kurien asks for his help to turn the body over.

Kurien then proceeds to cut the straps holding his mask in place, breaking a vial on the floor making sure that the cop is infected.

As he lay dying on the floor Kurien takes his samples to create the ZN1-virus.


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