Actor Brian Sutherland
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 30s
Occupation Leader of the Resurrection Cult
First Appearance "Resurrection Z"
Last Appearance "Resurrection Z"
Cause of Death Shot by Roberta Warren in the stomach.
Status Undead
Series lifespan "Resurrection Z"

Priest Jacob is a survivor of the initial zombie apocalypse and an antagonistic character in Z Nation. He is first encountered in episode 6 "Resurrection Z".

Post Apocalypse Edit

He was a part of Major Joe William's camp Province Town in Hannibal, Missouri before defecting and starting his own religious cult: The Resurrection Cult.

Believing that the zombies were resurrected and close to heaven, he created a church around them. Taking shelter in an abandoned church he rang the bell to have more zombies come and be part of his "flock". He also convinced three people from Province town to commit suicide inside the camp, only to open the doors for Jacob and his group. After taking over Province town, he had people choose if they wanted to become followers or killed and turned zombies.

When threatening Charles Garnett, Murphy steps forward and claims to be the new Messiah. Jacobs followers starts to doubt Jacob and in panic he turns his gun on Murphy. Garnett then jumps in front of the bullet and is killed instead.

Death Edit

He is eventually shot by Roberta Warren in the stomach. He then turns and proceeds to eat the rest of his living "flock."

Background Edit

Nothing is known of his background before the apocalypse.

Killed VictimsEdit

Allies Edit

The resurrection cult.

Enemies Edit

Memorable Quotes Edit

"I envy you, brother." Jacob to Garnett

"Tell us blasphemer, how can you possible prove this outrageous lie?" Jacob to Murphy

"Let's ring the bell and call out to the resurrected!"

Gallery Edit

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