Actor Kelly McGillis
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age 50-52
Occupation House Wife (Pre-apocolypse)
Leader of Sisters Of Mercy Camp (Post-apocolypse)
Family Unnamed Former Husband (Deceased)
First Appearance "Sisters of Mercy"
Last Appearance "Sisters of Mercy"
Cause of Death Unkown, Given mercy by Addy
Status Dead

Helen is a character featured in Z Nation, first encountered in episode 11 "Sisters of Mercy". 


Season 1Edit

"Sisters of Mercy"Edit

Helen is the leader of a camp called "Sisters of Mercy", a camp which only allows women and children. She started the camp with her sister-wives.   

Although she reports having shared a life with her late husband, it is fairly obvious that she is a misandrist. Apart from turning away male travelers while welcoming female ones, it can be assumed that she was the one demanding that boys have to leave the camp once they turn 13. She also promotes killing men even if there is no proof of their wrong doings as well as injuring men who clearly didn't harm them. The reason for her discriminatory behaviour and attitude towards males is based on her late husband, who abused her and his other wives. It is not known if she shows violent tendencies towards women, but although she is very manipulative of the other women, the show indicates that she shows more constraint when dealing with them. She also demonstrates the same traits as a cult leader, identifying vulnerable women and subtly grooming their psyches by offering them her perverse form of justice against their abusers, or in Addie's case exploiting her past traumas and offering her a reprieve from the outside world.   

Season 2Edit

The MurphyEdit

During the nuclear fallout, Sam, realizing what Helen was really doing, returned to the compound. He burned the place down and released the zombie bear, killing all of the sisters.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Her Husband
  • Many Unnamed Male Survivors (Caused)


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