Hector Alvarez
Actor Emilio Rivera
Gender Male
Hair Dark
Occupation High-ranking member of the Zero's Drug Cartel (Pre-and Post-Apocalypse) (Former)
First Appearance "White Light"
Last Appearance "Heart of Darkness" (Alive)
Cause of Death Stabbed to death by Javier Vasquez, given the serum to prevent reanimation
Status Zombie (Undead)
Series lifespan "White Light" to "Heart of Darkness" (Alive)
Ethnicity Latino

Hector "Escorpion" Alvarez was a main character and was the main antagonist of Season 2 in Z Nation, first encountered in Season 2, Episode 2, White Light. He was a member of the Westward-bound survivor group.

Pre Apocalypse Edit

It is known that he abducted Vasquez as well as his family. He gave them a "slow" death before he executed both Vasquez's wife and daughter in front of a powerless Vasquez. Before their death he uttered the phrase, "I'm going to do you a favor."

Post Apocalypse Edit

Escorpion is the vice-president in charge of sales for a Mexican drug cartel known as the Zeroes. He has a small Z-shaped scar on his right hand, as all the members of the Zeroes have a tattoo of a "Z".

Escorpion's weapon of choice is a golden gun.

He is a member of the Westward-bound survivor group since season 3.

Season 2Edit

"White Light"Edit

Shows up on the streets carrying a Bazooka. He hunts Murphy and the rest of the Westward-bound survivor group.

"Batch 47"Edit

Entering the greenhouse compound with his crew. He is responsible for the death of Odegard, as well as an innocent bystander.

"Down the Mississippi"Edit

Escorpion abandons an excellent round of golf to preside over the trial of Sketchy, Skeezy, and 10K, who are charged with grand larceny, willful deception, and fraud over the incident of stealing the travelling dentists' truck and impersonating them. It is unclear at this time why the Zeroes have judicial authority in Burrtown. Escorpion finds them guilty and sentences them to hang, but they are saved by the Westward-bound survivor group. Escorpion escapes the firefight unharmed.

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