Actor Jana Lee Hamblin
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Family Addy - Love Interest
First Appearance "Corporate Retreat"
Last Appearance "Corporate Retreat"
Status Unknown
Series lifespan "Corporate Retreat" to Unknown
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Dana is a character featured in "Z Nation", first encountered in Season 2 episode 11 "Corporate Retreat".

Pre Apocalypse Edit

She was on a work retreat when the apocalypse came.

Post Apocalypse Edit

Season 2Edit

Corporate RetreatEdit

The Westward-bound survivor group encounter another group of survivors, including Dana.

Dana spent a lot of time with Addy, as she helped her trying to get the radio to work.

Dana expresses her thoughts about wanting to leave. As the episode progressed she seemed to develop a liking towards Addy. Throughout the episode Dana is seen checking Addy out, holding her hand, and getting very close in a closet.

Unfortunately she ended up being one of the people who stole food and helped shoot Murphy. But in the end all was well and she was forgiven.

At the end of the episode Dana and Addy talk for awhile then Addy sits in the back watching Dana as she leaves hoping she will see her again.

It is shown in this episode that she might have a crush on Addy.

Episode Directors CutEdit

Before the directors cut there were many scenes of Dana and Addy kissing. In the closet they had a make out scene. At the end there was a different scenario where they end up leaving with a kiss. Anastasia Baranova "Addy" explained in an interview that she wished they had kept the scene and not remove it.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Some place to go, I like the sound of that"


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