Camp Blue Sky is a camp for survivors in New York, known as the Upstate New York survivor group.

Background Edit

No information is available on what was at the location prior to the outbreak.

Camp Features Edit

The camp is on the shores of a lake and has few permanent structures.

Post Apocalypse Edit

At some point following the outbreak and collapse of society, the camp was formed.

The group survived since the outbreak by following routines and rules.

3AZ and Destruction of the Camp Edit

May 12, 3AZ, Charles Garnett and Roberta Warren were on guard duty along the lakeshore, when a canoe with two men appeared. The men were Mark Hammond and Alvin Murphy on their way to the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Hammond asks for help in getting Murphy to a rendezvous with a military escort that will take them to California. Garnett and Warren are sent out by Redburn to help Hammond.

A short while after they leave, two guards, Donner and Redburn patrol along the lakeside. They find several zombies floating in the water, which suddenly revive and attack the camp.

Blue Sky is overrrun in a matter of minutes. Doc, Addy and Mack witness the last moments of the camp from across the river. After a giant explosion the camp goes quiet.

Those inside the camp are presumed dead or zombified.


Locations by Episode (Season 1)
"Puppies and Kittens" Camp Blue SkyPortsmouth Naval Prison
Northern Light listening postMount Wilson Station
Sleepy Hollow High School
"Fracking Zombies" Jersey Devil RefineryTappen Zee Bridge
"Philly Feast" Philly Cannibal CompoundLiberty Bell
"Full Metal Zombie" Bandit RoadMcCandles' Tower

"Home Sweet Zombie"

Castle Point, MissouriRoberta's House
Castle Point Fire Department

"Resurrection Z" Province TownChurch of the Resurrected

"Welcome to the Fu-Bar"

S&S UnlimitedFu-Bar


Nebraska Small TownDr. Phibes Family Mortuary
"Die, Zombie, Die... Again" RuinsAddy's Basement
"Going Nuclear"

Edgemont, South DakotaEdgemont Nuclear Power Plant
Stubbins HomesteadMount Rushmore

"Sisters of Mercy" Sisters Of Mercy CampCIA Black Site

"Murphy's Law"

MESA Pharmaceuticals inc.

"Doctor of the Dead"

Fort Collins, Colorado

Season 2 Locations here

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