Brett Zimmerman
Brett zimmenman
Actor Alex Matthews
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 28-33
Occupation Security Guard (Pre-Apocolypse)
Family Henry Zimmerman - Brother
First Appearance Murphy's Law
Last Appearance Murphy's Law
Cause of Death Mentally manipulated by Murphy to shoot himself in the head.
Status Dead
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Brett Zimmerman is a character featured in "Z Nation", first encountered in Season 1 episode 12 "Murphy's Law".  

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Brett forms a team together with Henry Zimmerman, Janice and Jason. They plan to steal Oxycontin from MESA Pharmaceuticals inc. The plan goes awry and Jason is killed.

A month later they meet the Westward-bound survivor group on a golf course. Seeing what Murphy is able to do they kidnap him and bring him to MESA. The others of the group are left at the golf course clubhouse, chained to a zombie.

At MESA's facility, Zimmerman wants Murphy to walk through the zombies to let them in. Murphy doesn't want to and Zimmerman pulls a gun on Murphy and forces him to go, but not before Murphy bites him in the arm.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Before the apocalypse, Brett worked security as a guard.

Weakness Edit

When Murphy bites Zimmerman in the arm he becomes susceptible to his telepathic abilities. After to threatening kill Murphy once they got the Oxycontin, Murphy can control his actions and uses this ability to make Zimmerman turn his gun on himself. And making him shoot himself in the head.


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