Blasters are a type of Zombies featured in "Z Nation", first appearing in Season 2 Episode 3 "Zombie Road".


Blasters are zombies that are a result of the nuclear blast caused by Murphy.

They are people who died from the blast and as a result they are significantly different from regular zombies.


Blasters appear bald, dressed in white ragged clothing, both potentially being the result of fallout from the blast causing their hair to fall out and their clothes to be bleached.

Abilities Edit

Blasters share a sort of pack mentality, hunting in groups with an apparent hierarchy.

They are also much more aggressive, seemingly prioritizing killing over eating, as they have been shown to rend the faces of their victims without stopping to eat them, instead moving on to another victim directly after.

They possess an advantage of being significantly faster than not only other zombies, but humans, they readily chase down vehicles, keeping pace with trucks among others.

The Blasters are also immune to Murphy's telepathic ability to control other zombies. While it was suggested that the adverse effect of the radiation may have melted their brains, making it impossible for Murphy to control something that isn't there, no other explanation has been cited for this immunity, however upon attempting to control the Blasters, a static like sound is heard and Murphy is shown to be physically pained by the attempt, the Blasters becoming more agitated towards him.