Arthur McCandles
Arthur 2
Actor Bill Moseley
Gender Male
Occupation U.S. Army General
First Appearance "Full Metal Zombie"
Last Appearance "Full Metal Zombie"
Cause of Death Serious Damage From Falling
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Full Metal Zombie"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
McCandles seconds before his death

General Arthur C. McCandles is a character featured in "Z Nation", first encountered in season 1 episode 4 "Full Metal Zombie


Nothing is known about General McCandles' life before the outbreak started, except that he gained the rank of general prior to the outbreak.


General McCandles was part of Emergency Control Infection Control Special command, infection response forces, located in McLean, Virginia. He is holed up in a secure building surrounded by both the dead and undead soldiers of his command.

Sometime during the years following the apocalypse, McCandles loses his mind. He hurts his leg badly, which becomes gangrenous.

When his doctor on staff tells him that the leg is not fixable and that it needs to be removed, McCandles goes into a rage and throws him into an air shaft, which lead to the medic's demise.  

Much later, when the Westward-bound survivor group reach his stronghold in need of a helicopter, McCandles allows Doc in believing that he is a real doctor. McCandles shows Doc his leg, hoping that he will give other news than the previous doctor. But Doc tells him the gangrene has spread too far, and in the status it's in, is unrepeatable and must be removed.

He announces this was "What the last guy said" and throws Doc into an air shaft in a rage. Doc then gets stuck inside with the previous medic, now a Zombie.

After passing through the gauntlet of zombies, the heroes convince the General to show them his helicopter, which proves to be a complete wreck. Two zombies attack him and in the struggle, they fall off the rooftop.

Death Edit

Killed byEdit

  • Falling off a building

McCandles died by attacking a group of zombies, then throwing himself off the rooftop of McCandles' Tower, along with the group of zombies he attempted to dispatch. He died shooting.

It is presumed that the fall did enough damage to McCandles' body that it didn't zombify.



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